Monday, October 25, 2010

Oct 25th - Pictures Captured Oct. 24th 2010

Adding a Photo- Real Time off Modis Site Oct 25th


Baja Coast - the cotton candy clouds - mean big shakes

Iowa - and the surrounding states

PNW - and Canada

Top Eastern Area of Canada

Central China

Chile - with the Cotton Candy Clouds and push away -

Lower - Western Australia Near Perth

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  1. Hi Sherrie
    Did you get any shots of the area around Sumatra?
    There were lots of little triangle clouds around the area. I am suspicious about them.
    As for OZ western Aust. Perth, there is an active faultline there but you only see the odd 2 to 3 mag quake in the area.
    strangely there is nearly always what appears to be clear air to the west of north western OZ, looks like a massive push out but nothing ever happens. Possibly its the secret US base up there playing Tesla. They supposedly have a hell of a lot of copper wire configured in strange ways underground there.