Friday, November 12, 2010

Clouds 11/11/10 - Inserted 11/12/10

Please Note, I have not been inserting the Earthquakes of where the clouds I have inserted have happened, but they have been happening.  Sorry, I have had other things going on.  But you only have to look at the USGS site and the EMSC site and the Australian quake site, to see the Earthquakes.

Very Odd clouds around the Gulf of Mexico but the straight lined one wrapping around Florida, is the most interesting.

The New Madrid, up and down the line encompassing many states

Nova Scotia Area

Southern Tip of South America going down to the Antarctica

Can you say the Whole European area and Med?  From Mid East through Italy down to Northern Africa - EQ clouds throughout the whole area, can't just specify one place.  

Cuba EQ clouds push away 

There are more pictures I have to go with this one, but I am holding off right now - This is Antarctica - and right below this one is a Huge Split - But this is the time of year for the Ice Melt, as they are entering the "Summer Months".  There are two different areas of Antarctica that has peaked my interest, where it does not look like Temporary Ice Melts - but actually REAL Splits of the Continent.  Until I am sure, what it is and what is going on, I am not going to insert those pictures, as it may just be Ice melt.  Though I have not see splits like these in previous Ice Melts.  This picture shows EQ clouds right at one of those splits, so it may just be the movement of Ice causing the clouds waves.

This is the split right at the above Cloud waves, so I believe it is the movement of this ice .... causing the waves.

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