Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct. 22 2010 (Flash Earth - So Clouds are from Day before - 21st)

I would like to clarify, when I capture pictures, the pictures are from Flash Earth, which is at least one day behind.  I am happy, they are at least updating the clouds once more on a regular basis.

Black Sea Area and Surrounding Countries - Turkey, Georgia,  Romania - A very interesting X of straight lined Clouds over Georgia.

UPDATE 10/23/10

MagnitudeML 3.1
Date time2010-10-23 08:50:15.3 UTC
Location41.35 N ; 44.55 E
Depth2 km
Distances46 km SW Tbilisi (pop 1,049,498 ; local time 13:50 2010-10-23)
25 km SW Marneuli (pop 18,755 ; local time 13:50 2010-10-23)
12 km S Bolnisi (pop 9,029 ; local time 13:50 2010-10-23)

 China - Just North of Beijing

Gulf of California - Clouds are from 10/21/10 Where 6.7 Quake Hit on 10/21/10 - Showing what the clouds looked like.  It had the Straight lined clouds and the very puffy cotton ball clouds (which I find around the larger quakes - also they may be around the area, a long time before the quake actually hits)

Italy and the whole surrounding area to Greece - Looks to me, some real shaking will be happening.
UPDATE 10/23/10  *there have been so many Earthquakes overnight in this area - I am not going to list them all, I am putting just a few in.*

 North Island of New Zealand and Northern Vicinity - makes sense, since there are so many quakes happening just North of there.

 China - Directly over Three Gorges Dam - the areas all around have EQ Clouds - especially South - Which is in the Next Picture

China - Southern going into Myanmar - seems to me a 5+ is on its way.

 S.W. Australia

UPDATE 10/26/10

NE of Zanthus, WA

Time (UTC) hh:mm:ss:10:17:23
Depth (km):30

Time (UTC) hh:mm:ss:12:55:08
Depth (km):10

Extra Picture - It is the Typhoon Megi

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