Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pictures captured on 3/12/10

Due to the new Webbot Alta Report out on the 12th - I had been busy with that. I did capture a few pictures on the 12th - including the picture of Japan in the previous post here. On the forum (webbot - closed) I inserted the picture, saying I thought a 7+ quake would happen. This morning 3/14/10 - a 6.8 quake did occur - that information is below.

Here are pictures I captured and areas to watch from the 12th of March:

This is the Pacific North West - there are definite Earthquake clouds inland. I would say a 4+ will be coming out of that area, within a month

The below is Texas - Dallas Area - this could be part of all the Earth movement that seems to be going on North of the area in the Oklahoma and New Madrid.

New Mexico Area - shows definite Earth Movement

New Madrid - constant Earth Movement Clouds around the area

Northern Alabama - 3/13/10 screen shot

Southern California - Baja area. I believe we will be seeing at least a 4+ if not 5+ out of the area in the near future.

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