Sunday, March 21, 2010

I believe Something is about to Happen at New Madrid

I am inserting a picture, because I sincerely believe something may be about to happen around the New Madrid area. I may be Totally off base - but just in case - I am giving out a "warning".

The below sat - shows a line of clouds being pushed away across a whole line.

due to this - and the rain sat not showing a line of separation - of 2 fronts - I am going to say - the fault is pushing clouds away.

there have been eq clouds everyday (clouds to be seen) around the New Madrid - going all ways out from it - from that - I am saying Something is about to happen and not some small 3+ quake! I am talking about something of significance - maybe not a Great quake, but a big quake.

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  1. I think your right I have no knowledge of earthquakes or even understanding of the plates never really had a thought to understand them until Haiti and then Chile. They got me wondering when it is time for New Madrid as I was just an elementary student when the prediction was foretold of us having the big one I remember the news telling us to get our earthquake supplies together and practicing a drill very similar to tornados, the whole time I was thinking the teachers are telling me that earthquakes shake the ground and open cracks to let out steam why would I get under my desk? The building might fall on me or I would go down a hole in the ground... to me outside away from everything would be safer.... of course I did not realize outside has power lines, trees, cars that could run me over...yeah probably safer in the building.. but alas here it is 2010 and we have had small tremors around the fault line if not on it and I read blogs, articles and reports that state they happen every day nothing new...some say the new madrid fault is moving 35X slower than the lines that made haiti shake so new madrid looks to be dead or near dead....ummmm yeah so I think yeah so no problem thats what your telling me not to panic not to think for myself....of course no one can predict earthquakes exactly or else they could be rich by now if they would come forth......but alas...we dont control the earth but we do contribute to helping her build up and blow off steam among other things... kind of like we are shitty plastic surgeons and no training we just think what will look better for us and do it without real regard of what could happen by doing so....ok so off track...the earthquake in 1812 (wait another thought prediction that the big earthquake happens 2012..i.e. 200 years later maybe to the exact date which I dont know what that would be as we keep messing with the calendar with leap ear stuff..cause Mayans predicted then end of civilization..end of world AS WE KNOW IT... yeah so it changes cause now the US may actually have a sea channel in the middle of it instead of a river.... ummm KY, IL, MO, TN, AK....will have less ground...plenty of cleanuo work and many more sick people probably sick from radiation poisoning from nuclear power plants that could not withstand the earthquake and lets not forget the CDC in memphis so now some serious airborne diseases kept on hand are let loose thawed out from refrigeration and heated up to multiply....on that thought maybe we mutate or something....and no dams lots of flooding no power cause not only are we unable to produce electricity from hydroelectric dams that are gone but our coal mines are flooded as we have bombed the tops of our mountains off and aloud streams to become backed up when it rains and now we have no dams holding our man made river courses and lakes back.....and KY for one would virtually be impossible to travel through as it has so many bridges that have collapsed and we dont have but a few ferries as we felt no need for them....anyone with thoughts of learning to fly helicopters should do so now they will make a fortune if they survive...... as I live along the Ohio river I will be gone probably before I figure out it is the big need for me to have emergency supplies just a great relationship with my maker.....