Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Madrid IS Quaking - USGS Ignoring the Quakes!

Here is a Link to the Webicorders around the New Madrid Fault

I am putting a couple of pictures in of some of them! For a few weeks I have been saying New Madrid over and Over - it seems USGS is IGNORING ALL the Quakes happening along the fault line! Why?

The webicorders are showing quakes all over the area - I would even say Swarms of quakes!

All of the below are the webicorders today - 3/7/10 - all of them are at various places around the New Madrid - more show quakes too - but this is a good example of what is going on!

The Clouds are showing lots of movement - now I know the USGS is IGNORING The quakes and Earth Movement happening around there.

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